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David Cohen had a series of roof issues prior to contacting O’LYN Roofing. The winter of 2014-15, historic for its snowfall totals, hadn’t been kind. David had many water leaks due to ice dams. Furthermore, asphalt shingles were installed on areas of the roof where a rubber installation should have been applied.

David had many cracked and damaged shingles and roof vents and issues where his roof underlayment was soft due to water penetration. The ice dams that former destroyed many of David’s gutters. To add insult to injury, David’s insurance company was refusing to pay his claim.

Frustratingly, solar panels were installed 18 months prior to the damage. The panels would now need to be removed before the roof could be repaired by O’LYN, along with two leaking skylights that would need to be replaced.

David had seen O’LYN signs for years at the Boston Home Show and around Boston. “I knew O’LYN had a quality reputation,” he said. After speaking with Mike St. Pierre, Senior Diagnostic Specialist, he “knew that O’LYN was the company for him.”


  • Water leaks
  • Ice dams
  • Damaged slate
  • Cracked shingles
  • Waterlogged roof underlayment
  • Destroyed gutters
  • Leaking skylights

O’LYN’s Approach

Mike, a seasoned roofing specialist here at O’LYN, understood David’s concerns, his current roof defects, and the best course of action to take. Mike crafted a customized PowerPoint presentation for David to highlight the problems and recommended solutions. “One of the nice things about a thorough presentation is that it fosters collaborative communication,” explains Mike. “It allowed us to talk about the damage and the next steps in a way that was deeply relateable. These weren’t hypothetical situations. It was specific to David’s home.”

David says, “Having a company that’s well-trained and certified in the products they install gave me comfort that the job would be done correctly. It was great dealing with a company that truly believes the customer is Number One.”



Mike & David worked out a time period. David then received his job date, a recycling dumpster was dropped off, and work began the next day. Details were checked, rechecked, and met by our Production Team: insulation damage, installation of two sky lights and the sealing of them, installation of rubber on the pitched roof, removing clapboards from the leaking areas so waterproofing materials could be installed (including the dormers), and replacing damaged gutters.

David received updates, and the O’LYN Production Team was early every day. When there was rain during the project, O’LYN used tarps to seal the roof for days until the rain subsided. After the roof repairs were complete, O’LYN’s Supervisor did a walkthrough to make sure David’s concerns and needs were met.

“I’m extremely happy with my O’LYN Roofing experience. Mike’s help dealing with all phases of the project were invaluable! I received over $26,000 in insurance payments, instead of the $800 the company originally offered. This was all due to Mike’s hard work, knowledge, and professionalism. It’s wonderful dealing with a company that is competent, listens, and truly cares about their customers. There is only one roofing company that I will recommend, O’LYN! Even with an unfinished roof and rain fall, we did not have one leak during construction! I want to say, too, that the O’LYN crew was extremely pleasant, neat, and professional. They truly wanted to be sure that I was satisfied.”
–David Cohen

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