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Ice, Ice, Baby! Ice Dam Solutions in Newton, MA

The Challenge

With inches and inches of snow on a daily basis and the combination of low temperatures and escaping heat penetrating through the roof, Jeff and Miriam’s home experienced their unfortunate share of ice dams. The ceilings were cracking. The walls were breached. Everything was discolored from water stains. Ice was building up between their windowpanes.

The Meeting

Enter Mike St. Pierre, Senior Diagnostic Systems Specialist at O’LYN Roofing. “Mike was amazing,” explains Jeff. “A pleasure to work with and he worked so well with the insurance company.” Mike had seen similar issues in the past. “Having been ‘the guy’ people call for these sorts of issues, I’ve seen some pretty crazy ice dams and leaks,” Mike said. “But these were serious; big time issues. You can’t take this stuff lightly. If a leak or ice dam gets too bad it will compromise the entire home.”

“We wanted a trustworthy, reliable company,” says Miriam. They turned to O’LYN. “We knew someone that had used O’LYN and recommended them. We knew they had been in business for many years.”


  • Water leaks
  • Ice dams
  • Damaged slate
  • Cracked shingles
  • Waterlogged roof underlayment
  • Destroyed gutters
  • Leaking skylights

The Solution

After Mike St. Pierre did a thorough inspection of the home with Jeff and Miriam, the trio worked together to come up with a detailed course of action. The rubber roof needed to be replaced. There were a few dozen cracked and broken slate tiles. The shingled areas of the house needed attention.

The gutters needed to be redone and Jeff and Miriam elected to add gutter screens to keep out debris. Two skylights needed to be replaced.

“All of this was done to accordance of the ‘O’LYN Signature Roof,” explains St. Pierre.

“We use upgraded materials, premium products and better design – all within the scope
of the customer’s wishes.”

Since the roof’s been finished, “there’s been no leaking,” says Jeff.

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