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Milton, MA Colonial Slate Roof Repair

1. The Challenge

The Spaulding family home is a beautifully restored 1920’s colonial. The slate roof is comprised of beautiful unfading green and red slates, that continue to offer the best protection mother nature has to offer. 

However, every winter falling ice caused more and more damage to the lower front porch slates. The home owners had their roof repaired several times, by other companies, but the problem kept returning. The Spaulding knew it was time to call the experts.


  • Missing Slates 
  • Rotting
  • Leaking 
  • Ice Damns/ snow damage
  • Repeating repair and replace, year after year
  • Preserving original lines of the home

2. The Meeting

It was decided that Shawn O’Connor, Senior diagnostic specialist, would assess the problem and provide a solution. During the meeting Katelin, it became clear that she wanted another solution to this problem. “This is not working”. She had heard very good things about O’LYN’s expertise and hoped we could offer what others had not. We did. After a complete inspection of the entire roof areas of the house and garage, more leaks were found in other areas (the rubber roof was compromised also). Shawn shared the photos and video he had taken of the inspection with Katelin and second visit would be needed to allow Shawn time to properly develop a plan that offered a lasting result.

3. The Solution

In order to meet the homeowners wishes, O’Lyn roofing had to find a way to preserve the classic look of the main entry and roof. The product had to withstand the constant pounding of the falling ice and last for years to come. The solution was to remove the existing slate roof and replace it with synthetic slates!

4. The Conclusion

The Spaulding’s were extremely happy to have a piece of mind that their roof was finally fixed. They can now enjoy their beautiful 1920’s colonial without any concerns.

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