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4 easy signs it’s time to replace your gutters

Gutters aren’t quite the most exciting purchase when updating the exterior of your home. However, they keep your home protected from rain which can be a foundation’s worst enemy as far as weather goes. If you’re still riding high on the purchase you made 15 years ago it may be time to reexamine your gutters and find out if you’re in need of an update. We have a few things to look for when inspecting them!


If your gutters have cracks in them, they’re pretty much useless. When inspecting your gutters and downspouts, keep in mind that while larger cracks are visible on dry, bright days, smaller cracks may only reveal themselves in a storm. Regardless of size, they defeat the purpose of a drainage system and warrant serious attention. You can fix individual cracks, but extensive cracking is a reason to consider a new system.


Gutters being vulnerable at the seams where two horizontal sections meet is actually a normal thing. This is where separations and both leaks are most common, with both types of failure eventually leading to any number of undesirable outcomes for your home regardless of whether it’s interior or exterior. Though gutter seams can sometimes be mended, many homeowners are putting the whole hassle behind them, instead opting for seamless gutters, such as the line manufactured.


When examining your gutter, it’s also worth checking out your house’s paint. Broken gutters can mess up a good paint job. Look at your exterior siding for any bubbled up or peeled away paint due to excessive moisture. Wherever you find a section of paint like this, check the condition of the nearest gutter. Painted gutters that appear to be peeling almost always are leaking. Think seriously about gutter replacement In cases where peeling paint extends beyond one or a couple of areas. Do not repair.


Everyone is tired of cleaning out the gutters every year! You’re not alone. Typical gutters must be looked after to function properly. Don’t be like so many people who forget or delay these duties. This will lead to smaller and more manageable issues inevitably develop into larger, expensive situations.

Your best bet is to to get the ball rolling on getting new gutters as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any of these issues. For more information contact O’LYN Roofing today!