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7 Options To Help You Know Which Type Of Gutters Are Best

7 Options To Help You Know Which Type Of Gutters Are Best

Concord, Massachusetts, was founded by a man whose son, Reverend Gorshom Bulkeley, is credited with the saying, “A man’s home is his castle.” Your Norwood-area home is your castle, and you are its ruler. You make the decisions, so you get to decide which type of gutters are best for you.

1. Go Seamless

Your first decision with new gutters for your Norwood-area home is simple: to go with seamless gutters or sectional gutters. 

If you want sectional gutters, you will be in the big-box home improvement store on a Saturday and many Saturdays afterward. No professional gutter installation service will bother with sectional gutters. 

Why? Because seamless gutters are vastly superior:

  • Seamless gutters are custom-made on-site, measured to precisely fit your home.
  • Seamless gutters have far fewer seams than sectional gutters and have fewer spots to snag debris, clog, or leak.
  • Seamless gutters are available in a rainbow of colors, while sectional gutters are generally available in white only.

2. Metal, Fiberglass, or Wood

You also can choose from a range of materials for your home’s gutters:

  • Metal—You may choose from either copper gutters or aluminum gutters; copper is aesthetically pleasing but may be cost-prohibitive, while popular, economical aluminum seamless gutters are seen on nearly every home and business.
  • Fiberglass—Fiberglass gutters appear similar to metal or wood but require less maintenance; rot-resistant fiberglass holds up well under harsh New England winters.
  • Wood—tried and true, historically accurate, and ideal for your Victorian masterpiece, wooden gutters can provide authentic charm to vintage homes.

Discuss all your concerns and questions with your professional gutter installer. Only you can decide what material works best for your home. 

3. Gutter Protection

Choices are available in protecting your gutters from debris:

  1. Gutter ShutterThis fantastic system is guaranteed not to clog or fill with debris such as leaves, twigs, and windborne organic matter; it is one of the strongest aluminum gutter protections on the market.
  2. Gutter GuardsIn addition to Gutter Shutter, your gutter installation service representative can offer other solutions to keeping your gutters clean, clear, and running freely.

Gutter protection is nearly always recommended for New England homeowners due to the large number of deciduous trees intermingled with enough coniferous trees to clog exposed gutters. Climbing ladders to clean gutters is not safe; clogged gutters can cause overflowing water to destroy your foundations.  

4. Sized Right

The size of your gutters matter, especially with aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters are available in five-inch and six-inch profiles. That additional inch may not sound significant, but it increases the gutter capacity by some 20 percent. The larger gutter can handle far more water than the smaller model. 

For exceptionally long gutter runs or homes with sharply pitched roofs, the larger gutter can prevent overflow and damage to the fascia, exterior walls, and foundations. 

5. Stylish

Gutters are available in different styles to suit your home’s architecture. While the K-style gutter predominates, you can also get half-round gutters and other profiles. This is a decision to make with input from your local, friendly gutter contractor

6. Rainbow

The natural patina of copper gutters is a welcome, warm green and is valued by homeowners who opt for this lovely metal. 

Wooden and fiberglass gutters can be painted to match your home’s trim color, blend with exterior walls, or match your roofing material. 

Seamless aluminum gutters, custom-rolled and assembled at your home, can be made in a rainbow of colors to complement and enhance your home’s beauty. 

7. Downspouts

Gutters must have downspouts spaced every 25 to 30 feet of running distance to function properly. Often, homeowners complain of clogged or damaged gutters when the problem is insufficient downspout capacity. 

Have your local, helpful gutter contractor design the right system for your home, ensuring you have enough downspouts at key spots around your home to handle the hardest downpour


Making the right choices with the seven major decisions about your Norwood-area home’s gutters still does not guarantee a flawless installation. You have one more mystery to solve: who will install your gutters?

Doing the work yourself is not economical, safe, or practical. Hiring a local handyman service does not provide you with any protection against poor installation or faulty materials. Your safest, surest option is to enlist a local, trusted contractor with years of experience installing gutters and gutter protection systems. 

Your home really is like a castle. You must defend it against the constant assault of wind, rain, ice, and snow. In return, your castle provides your family with cozy comfort and security. Gutters are a crucial part of your home’s defense. Trust your gutter installation to the right company. O’LYN Roofing is your local, reliable home services expert for the finest in gutter installation, roofing, and skylights. Contact us today to tap into our 40 years of experience and expertise.