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Shedding Light: A Guide to Choosing the Right Skylight

A Guide to Choosing the Right Skylight

Skylights. Most homeowners are familiar with their existence. They’ve seen them. They know they come in various styles. However, the average homeowner may not understand whether skylights suit their unique circumstance. Some may believe a skylight cannot be retrofitted to an existing roof. Others might think that particular home layouts cannot support a skylight. A few homeowners may conclude that purchasing a skylight falls outside their budget.
The fact is that most existing homes can add one or more skylights without any trouble – and it can be done affordably. Today’s skylights come in a large array of styles to fit a homeowner’s specific needs and preferences. Although installing a skylight requires an experienced professional roofing contractor, homeowners can trust that the process meets a strict standard of manufacturer specifications to ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

What Are Skylights?

Most people are familiar with skylights. As a feature installed on the roof, skylights provide natural light to a home’s interior. Many varieties of skylights exist. From ventilating to fixed, from tubular to curb-mounted, skylights fit the needs and preferences of homeowners. Custom designs enable homeowners to choose a style that suits their requirements and ensures long-term advantages.

The 7 Biggest Benefits Of Installing A Skylight

Adding a skylight to an existing home affords a homeowner access to natural sunlight at any time of the year. More than ever, homeowners are looking for opportunities to enhance their current homes while increasing their marketability for the long term. Consider the following advantages of installing a skylight:

Nothing surpasses a warm sunbeam of natural light entering through your windows and richly saturating your home’s living spaces. A skylight provides an optimal means for continuous sunlight to penetrate the house’s interior areas throughout the day.

Some models of skylights have a manual or remote control. This feature allows you to open the skylight to permit outdoor air to circulate into your home. It also enables stuffy indoor air to exit to the outside. Skylight vents help a home breathe.

If you reside in a neighborhood where privacy is a legitimate concern, a skylight allows you to access outside light freely without the urgency to open blinds or curtains. You can safeguard your abode while enjoying the benefits of natural sunlight.

Prospective home buyers love the idea of warm, roomy spaces – much more so than cold, drab, dank, or cramped areas. They will pay a premium to purchase an inviting, move-in-ready house where they feel comfortable. A skylight adds a unique and marketable touch.

Reputable realtors will tell homeowners that how you adjust furniture in a living space dictates its perceived roominess. Similarly, how you light a room reveals its relative comfort level. A room full of natural light tends to be warm and inviting.

More than just a window, a skylight adds natural beauty to a living space and changes its look and feel. A touch of unique character from above will transform “just another room” into a place where residents and guests desire to relax and unwind.

A dark, shady house means you need more electricity to light rooms and spaces. By accessing natural light (which also provides a source of heat) throughout the day, you experience a reduction in the need to turn on lights or run the heating system.

How To Choose The Right Skylight

If you want to add a skylight, contact a roofing professional with relevant expertise first. Most roofing companies do not install skylights. Some will tinker with it. A tiny percentage understand the intricacies of skylight installation.

Involving the right roofing professional from the outset ensures you receive the best advice. Some roofs are not situated well for skylights. Other roofs lack the specific characteristics you need to meet your personal preferences.

Assuming installing a skylight is practical, the homeowner should perform a much deeper analysis of the pros and cons of a skylight. This step will require you to ask questions of the roofing contractor and do your homework.

If you feel comfortable moving forward with a skylight installation, the time has come to hire a roofing professional to add the skylight to your home. Once again, perform your due diligence to select a knowledgeable roofing contractor.

Hiring A Professional Skylight Installer

O’LYN Roofing provides superior roofing services, including skylight installation for homeowners in Norwood, MA, and surrounding communities. We work tirelessly to ensure that installing your skylight meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. When you choose us, you can depend on our expertise to guide you through the process efficiently and effortlessly. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.