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Benefits of Installing a Skylight

Skylights are considered by many homeowners to be an unnecessary addition to a home, an additional expense that offers little to no benefit to the home.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Skylights offer a multitude of benefits for the homeowners who choose to have them installed on their homes.  If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of skylights, take a look below:

Natural Light

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing a skylight, the reason that most homeowners initially consider installing one, is the natural light that it provides your home with. This increase in natural light offers a couple of benefits.  The first is that natural light is noted to help with improving mood, as well as productivity, particularly useful if you work from a home office. Additionally, the increase in natural light can also result in solar heat gain.

Save On Energy Costs

Installing a skylight can help heat up your space with solar heat gain. It is important to ensure that your skylight is installed correctly in order to benefit from the solar heat gain that is can be gained by adding one.  If your skylight is not installed correctly it can end up hurting your home by not creating a tight seal and allowing in both outside air, as well as precipitation, which is another issue entirely.  However,  a properly installed skylight, particularly one that has ventilating capabilities for the summer months, have been proven to lower energy costs when installed correctly under the right conditions.


If you have a skylight that opens up, it can help with energy costs and ventilation in the warmer months. Hot air rises, which means if you have a way to allow the hot air to escape through the top of your home, you can cut down on air conditioning costs and reduce the stuffiness in your home.


Many homeowners love the look of a skylight, meaning installing one can help increase your home’s resale value by boosting it’s curb appeal. Skylight’s are a fantastic looking addition to any home’s exterior.

Increasing Visual/Vertical Space

While adding a skylight won’t actually increase the amount of livable space in your home, installing a skylight in a cramped room can help make the space feel larger. Particularly in a cramped room like a kitchen, adding a skylight will open the room vertically by opening up the room to the roof to install the skylight.  While this obviously won’t add any additional space to work with, it provides the illusion of making the space feel larger by adding natural light and more vertical space.

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