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Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Do you hate cleaning out your gutters? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer to that is a huge YES! Gutter cleaning is a very smelly, messy job. It is also somewhat dangerous as several thousand injuries from ladder accidents occur every year. However, installing gutter guards can address these common gutter issues as well as make other improvements. Let’s explore a few of the benefits of installing gutter guards below:

Gutter Guards Reduce Maintenance 

The main reason homeowners install gutter guards is to reduce the amount of gutter maintenance required. Gutter guards help keep leaves and debris out of your gutters to help keep from having to do regular cleanings (or hire someone to do regular cleanings). 

Now keep in mind that installing gutter guards does not mean you will never have to clean your gutters again. Eventually, leaves can pile up on top of the guards. However, it is much easier to clean the leaves off of the guards than it is to clean out the gutter itself.

With Gutter Guards, Protection Increases

By installing gutter guards, you’ll have more protection for your roof and your gutters. With unguarded gutters, the leaves and debris often sit for long periods of time, and they can retain moisture. This can lead to rust inside your gutter system. 

Your roof is also more protected when gutter guards are installed. Since your gutters aren’t clogged, there is less of a chance of rainwater overflowing and standing on your roof. When water stands in your gutters and on your roof, it can lead to algae and mold. It can also start to deteriorate the structure of your roof. 

Gutter Guards Also Have Winterization Properties

When water builds up in your gutters, this water can freeze inside the system. It can also cause icicles to form down the sides. The weight of this ice can cause damage to your gutters. It can also cause overflows in your gutters, which can cause stains on your siding. If ignored long enough, gutter overflows can also damage the foundation of your home, as water is not properly directed away from it. 

Gutter guards are an investment, but they have many benefits. Not only do they make overall gutter maintenance and upkeep easier, but they also help protect your home from damage. If you look at the overall cost of installing gutter guards, you’ll see that it is significantly cheaper than repairing your foundation or replacing your roof from the damage of regular gutters. 

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