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How To Know Which Ice Melt Method Is Best For Your Roof

After a snowstorm, a large band of ice can form above the edge of your roof and create some heavy icicles as well. When left unchecked, the ice’s weight can start to pull the gutter loose and eventually pull it off entirely. Ice dams are very common on homes in regions with freezing, snowy winters. 

What Is An Ice Dam

An ice dam is typically caused by snow melting and refreezing. This thaw-and-freeze cycle results in an abnormally warm roof. If the air inside the attic is warm and doesn’t have proper insulation, the heat melts the snow layer, causing water to run down the roof. 

When the water reaches the cold roof edge, it freezes again. The ice will gradually build up, causing an ice dam. Ultimately, ice dams can force water back under the shingles, exposing the underlayment and eventually triggering roof leaks.

Roof De-Icing Methods For Preventing Ice Dams 

An effective roof deicing system could solve your ice dam problem. Ice melting systems help protect your roof all winter long. Two patented roof deicing systems can provide an ultimate solution for combating and preventing ice dams.

Roof Deicing Cables

Deicing cables can easily be installed on your roof to prevent ice dams. These heated cables are usually installed on the roof surface just above the gutters and generally appear as a wave pattern. These electric cables heat the surface area around them, preventing melted snow from refreezing. They ensure the runoff remains constant, protecting your roof from roof leaks associated with ice dams.

Radiant Edge Systems

Radiant edge systems are typically installed at the end of your roof and run along the entire roof edge. They operate by melting the snow at the roof edge so any water flowing down your roof stays melted as it runs through the gutters. This prevents freezing from the top of your roof down to the drain system at the bottom. These roof deicing systems typically eliminate snow from your roof without sacrificing the aesthetics of your roofline. Additionally, they work well on both low-slope and high-pitch roofs.

Protect Your Roof from Ice Dams Today

Your roof is a significant investment and it’s worth taking great care of it all season round. Don’t let ice dams damage your roof. At O’LYN Roofing, we offer the preventative measure of installing quality roof deicing systems on homes throughout Norwood, MA. Our skilled roofing specialists will evaluate your roof and recommend either deicing cables or radiant edge systems based on your roof’s profile. Contact us today for a free consultation and roofing inspection!