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Break Through Solar Technology for the Roofing Industry!

Have you considered or thought about replacing your roof with Solar Shingles?  What’s very exciting and very cool about Solar Shingles is that it converts solar energy into electricity!

How it works:  Each shingle is like a cell filled with silicon.  The cell absorbs the sun’s rays (photons of light) and then releases electrons.  When these free electrons are captured, the result is an electric current that can be used as electricity.  The process is known as Photovoltaics described by Albert Einstein in 1905, is the direct conversion of light into electricity at the atomic level.

The raw electricity also called Direct Current (DC) goes into an inverter.  The inverter converts the Direct Current into Alternating Current (AC), which is the electricity used in your homes.  The inverter is connected to your meter to monitor the incoming and outgoing of electricity in your home.  In return, the cost of your electricity bill can be significantly reduced.   Federal government also offers a 30% tax credit and your local state may also offer other incentives for renewables and efficiency.

We are very excited about this Green Technology coming to the roofing industry.  It’s not just about a roof that provides shelter and protection from weather and outdoor conditions. It’s also a way for us to be more energy conscious and providing an alternative energy source.

Something to think about when you are in the market for a new roof!