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Graphic showing Can I use ice melt to destroy roof and gutter ice dams?

Can I Use Ice Melt to Destroy Roof and Gutter Ice Dams?

Ice dams are a common problem for homeowners in cold climates. They can cause serious damage to your roof and home, and the best way to prevent them is by preparing before winter arrives. If left unchecked, winter ice dams can create roof fractures, that can lead to water leaking into your home. This causes damage to your roof and home.

In extreme cases it can also lead to roof cave-in threatening the life of homeowners and pets. Accumulated ice can be dangerous as they form icicles that can fall off anytime causing severe damage. Rooftop de-icing systems are the permanent solution recommended for prevention and protection through-out winters. For more about professional roofing solutions, explore O’lyn Roofing’s exhaustive blog platform to find out more how we can help. 

How are Ice Dams Formed?

Ice dams are formed when water leaks down the roof and refreezes at the edge of a roof’s overhang. This can happen when the house is heated and cooled, or if there are gaps in insulation between the house and the roof.

The ice dam then blocks any further water from draining off the roof, which can lead to water pouring inside through ceilings, walls, or windows.

There are a Few Ways to Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

  • Clean your gutters before the winter arrives. Remove any debris that may be on the roof, such as leaves or tree branches. This will help with drainage and allow snow to melt more quickly. 
  • Next, you should install a snow guard on your roof’s edge. This will prevent snow from sliding off the roof and clogging gutters or blocking vents that release heat from your home.
  • Insulate your pipes by wrapping them in foam insulation or using heat tape. 
  • Seal gaps around your chimney with caulk–Install an ice dam prevention system on your roof.
  • Spray rooftops with ice-melt fluid (special chemicals, salt water or calcium chloride) or place ice-melt tablets on roof strategically. This procedure requires continuous labour and use of spray-tank every time. These types of products are typically used for surfaces like patios or stairs. They are not the best option for breaking ice dams.

What are methods that are best to use to melt ice on roof?

Using Heat Cables on the Roof 

Heat cables are a great way to prevent ice from forming on your roof. The heat cables only need to be turned on when the temperature is below freezing, and they will automatically turn off when it is warmer outside.

Heat cables are heated electrical wires that are installed on the roof of your home. They work by heating up the shingles or other material that covers your roof. This prevents ice from forming on your roof during cold weather which would lead to water damage. This mostly happens in the springtime when snow melts, leaks down through the ceiling, and creates mold in the house.

Radiant Edge Systems for Ice Dam Prevention

The Radiant Edge Systems for ice dam prevention product is a radiant heat system that can be installed on any roof, regardless of the material it is made of. The heat generated by this system melts the snow and prevents ice dams from forming on the roof. The system uses infrared heaters that are installed on the underside of roofing material, which will then transfer heat to the snow and prevent it from accumulating. This melts the ice on the edge of the roof, ensuring water flows frees and the gutters are not clogged.

This is considered a comprehensive and preferred solution for homeowners and property owners. We suggest the installation if are looking for effective and affordable ways to reduce the risk of ice dams. The system is unobtrusive in design, and does not in any way affect the beauty of the facade. 

Why Install Rooftop De-Icing Solution

There are many reasons to install a roof de-icing solution. First, ice melt for ice dams and ice melt for roofs gutters can help you save on your heating bill by preventing the snow from accumulating on the roof. Second, it can prevent your roof from getting damaged by the snow, which will make it last longer. And finally, it can protect your home and family against water damage caused by ice build-up.

The right time to install a roof de-icing solution is when you know there is a high probability that there will be snow or ice accumulation on your roof.

Fool-Proof Rrotection from Ice-Dams that You Can Trust

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