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Storm Damage

What You Need To Know About Your Leaky Roof & Insurance

For homeowners dealing with a leaky roof, the first thing which comes to mind is to contact the insurance company and file a claim. While insurance will cover many issues you may encounter, it doesn’t cover everything, and it’s important to understand the stipulations involved for covering roof leak repairs. Take a few moments to learn …

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3 Steps To Take Immediately After Storm Damage

When bad weather comes through the Norwood area, it can take a toll on your roof. Whether your roof has minor or major damage, it’s important to know what to do after a storm. You want to stay safe while also making sure you have your inspection and roof replacement or repairs done as needed.

How To Protect Your Roof From Nasty Ice Dams

Those sparkling icicles hanging from your roof can create quaint, beautiful winter scenes, but they could also be delivering a message. They can be a telltale sign that ice dams have formed on your roof, blocking the passage of melting snow and possibly causing damage to your roof and home’s structure.