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3 Steps To Take When You Need Emergency Roof Repair Services

Storms, windy weather, debris, and other issues can cause severe damage to your roof. What should you do when you need emergency roof repair services? Keep the following in mind to make sure you have your roof taken care of right away.

When to Get Emergency Repairs

Your roof needs emergency repairs when you have a leak, especially a big one with water pouring through to your interior. Roofing contractors will also need to do emergency repairs if part of your roof is blown off or severely damaged. Any type of damage to your roof which makes your home unsafe requires prompt repairs.

Roof repairs need to be done as soon as possible to prevent damage from getting worse. When you leave roof damage as is, more widespread damage to your home will happen. For example, you might end up with expensive water damage.

1. Call a Roofer

When you need emergency repairs, you should have a professional roofer come to your home to do an inspection. Roofers can check your roof thoroughly to determine how extensive the damage is. Your roofer should give you an estimate on how much these repairs will cost and what kind of work needs to be done.

After having an inspection done, you won’t be able to have repairs done just yet. You’ll need to start an insurance claim so you won’t be on the hook for the entire cost of roof repairs.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Your next step is calling your homeowners’ insurance company to get the claim process started. You should discuss what is covered and what isn’t covered, in addition to what your deductible is. You’ll need to pay this amount before your insurance coverage kicks in for roof repairs; sometimes it may be wise to cover the full cost of repairs instead of putting it on your insurance.

3. Schedule Repairs

When your insurance claim is approved, you should schedule roof repairs as soon as possible. Remember, you might be better off having a roof replacement done if the damage is severe enough. Your roofer might also recommend a roof replacement rather than repairs if you have an older roof. If you need emergency roof repair services, please contact O’LYN Roofing. We can make prompt repairs to reduce the risk of major damage to your Norwood home.