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How Often Does Your Roof Need Maintenance?

How Often Does Your Roof Need Maintenance?

Every home has its quirks. You finally figured out what that mysterious light switch controls. You learned to smack the dryer’s sweet spot if it does not start. Yet you may still not know how often roof maintenance needs to be done on your Norwood-area home. 

Why Roof Maintenance Anyway?

You’ve learned to live with the balky dryer, but do you really need roof maintenance? Yes, you do, and that is not just because we are professional roofers. Think of all your roof does:

  • It protects the roof deck, meaning the sheathing and rafters that help hold your house together
  • It prevents water from infiltrating your attic where it can allow mold and mildew to grow
  • It protects all your furnishings, artwork, sentimental treasures, and that ornery dryer
  • It shrugs off snow, ice, hail, sleet, and heavy rains so your family, pets, and property stay warm and dry

Without a well-maintained roof, your home’s value plummets. Its curb appeal slips. Mold and algae can begin to grow on the outside of the roof. Inside, water damage can spread until black and green mold cast their tendrils across ceilings and walls. 

A poorly maintained roof costs you money on energy bills, as well. Damp insulation loses its heat retaining value. Poor circulation in the attic robs you of cooling comfort in summer and warm heat in winter. 

When to Schedule Roof Maintenance

Armed with those reasons to schedule roof maintenance for your Norwood-area home, you may wonder when you should have this vital service performed. We recommend one or two visits a year. A single annual visit is the minimum, though it does increase the roofer’s workload. 

Two visits a year (once in early spring after winter has taken its toll, and once again in late fall) will keep your roof tuned and ready for Mother Nature to throw snowstorms, drop ice storms, and blow high winds at your home. 

A good roofer will check:

  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Flashing, drip edge, caulking, and rubber boots
  • Field shingles or metal panels
  • Soffit, ridge, and gable vents 
  • Sheathing and rafters visible inside the attic

Spot repairs can be made at inspection time, with more extensive repairs scheduled soon after. O’LYN Roofing is pleased to offer a complete range of roofing services for your Norwood-area home in Massachusetts. Contact us today for roof maintenance, inspection, and full roof replacement.