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How To Empower Your Roof With These Ice Melt Solutions

An ice dam can form as a ridge along the edge of your roof. These dams are a result of melting snow running down your roof and then building up to prevent water from draining. When water gets stuck behind these dams, it can leak into your home or building, causing serious damage to ceilings, walls, insulation, and other interior areas. How can you empower your roof to keep ice dams from forming?

How Ice Dams Form

When a house loses heat, the snow sitting at the roof peak will melt. The melting can also be contributed to outside temperatures rising and causing the snow to melt. When shingles on your roof are above freezing, it will melt and run down your roof.

When the melted snow runs down and hits the lower part of the roof which is still below freezing, it stops and forms an ice dam. This ice will be fed by more melting snow and grow into an ice dam. Eventually, due to the freeze-thaw cycle, the water will begin to seep into your exterior walls and find its way from there to your ceiling insulation and interior walls.

There are ways to combat these ice dams from forming. O’Lyn Roofing is your solution to saving your roof and home.

Effects on Your Home From an Ice Dam

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. Protecting it means you are protecting your home and all the valuable possessions you keep inside. It also means protecting the well-being of you and your family. Having your roof inspected and treated against ice dams forming is an essential part of your home maintenance.

When the ice dam forms along the edge of your roof, additional snowmelt gathers in the form of water behind it and becomes trapped. This trapped water will begin to seep into the structure underneath and cause mold and mildew to grow.

Mold and mildew can have an adverse effect on your health. These growths are responsible for respiratory problems. The dampness will also compromise the quality of your insulation’s value and can ruin ceilings and walls.

Solutions to Protect Your Home Against Ice Dams

De-icing systems are your solution to preventing ice dams and ultimately protecting your home and family. There are two systems you can choose from, or use together:

  • Radiant Edge: You can have a radiant edge system installed along the entire edge of your roof. This system will ensure the snow melts at the edge of your roof and keeps it flowing through your gutters, so no ice dams form.
  • De-Icing Cables: Another standard solution involves installing cables on your roof just above the gutters. There is a current running through the cables which helps melt the snow and prevents it from re-freezing and building ice dams. 

A roof is not a feature on your home you want to takes chances with. O’LYN Roofing in Norwood, MA, is here to help you take preventive measures to make sure your roof maintains its quality. Allow yourself peace of mind knowing your roof is keeping you safe. Call O’LYN Roofing today and schedule a maintenance check. We have more than forty years of experience in the industry and are ready to make sure your roof performs its very best.