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Maintain Your Flat Roof to Prevent Costly Problems

The roof is a key part of a home and functions like an umbrella protecting the things beneath it. It stands up to every weather condition thrown at it, from rain to hail. It suffers a lot of abuse from the elements, which can result in damage to your roof. Furthermore, with time, the quality of roof diminishes. To slow the deterioration of your roof and prevent the development of costly problems, proper maintenance can make a big difference. Take a look at our tips to learn how to keep your flat roof in good repair!

Annual Inspection

It’s beneficial to check on the health of your roof once or twice a year. Walk along the roof and clear any debris that has accumulated from the roof. Be mindful of drains, which are essential components of a roofing system, and ensure that they are not clogged and are functioning properly. A yearly inspection may also help to protect your roof warranty, since some manufacturers may opt to void a warranty if basic roofing maintenance is not performed by a licensed contractor.

Fix Ponding

Standing water on a roof from rainfall that has not evaporated after 48 hours or more is considered ponding. This can be a result of obstructed drainage, compressed insulation, or structural problems. Ponding may lead to the development of increased leaks and damage to your roof membrane or lead to a collapse of the roofing deck or the roof itself. Prevent ponding by checking around drains and clear away obstructions, such as dirt and debris to maximize drainage efficiency. An expert roofer is able to divert water, strengthen decking and replace the membrane as well as low-quality insulation.

Pay Attention to Drip Edge

The drip edge keeps water away from your fascia and off the roof as well as unwanted insects and critters outside. A badly damaged drip edge can cause leaks in the eaves and wood rot in fascia boards. Getting your drip edge repaired if needed is a good investment for protecting your roof and home.

Check the Usual Suspects

There are certain common areas that should be focused on when performing roof maintenance, including chimneys, skylights and plumbing vents. These tend to be the prime sources of a leaky roof. Chimneys should be efficiently flashed and sealed; ensure that the flashing around the skylight is not loose, and that skylight itself isn’t leaky. Also be sure that plumbing vents don’t have any cracks and are properly sealed in order to keep water out.

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