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Roof Algae, Moss & Lichen – Nature’s Triple Threat To Your Roof

There is no question that plant growth on roofs can cause premature aging as well as other potential problems. And there are three types of plants that have become common on New England roofs.

Black Roof Algae; known as Gloeocapsa Magma is a hearty form of algae that gives the roof an ugly black streaking look.

Lichen; shows up as light green, round, flat flower-like spots of varying sizes on roofs. As all plant growth will potentially reduce the lifespan of a roof and can force a homeowner to replace a roof prematurely, lichen can be particularly damaging, growing roots into asphalt shingles that can pull out the limestone granules that make up part of your roof’s protective layer during removal.

Moss is a third type of plant that can appear like a thick blanket on an untouched roof. Due to this coverage, mold and mildew can certainly be added to the list of unwanted guests on a homeowner’s roof because of the moisture trapped beneath it that never gets a chance to dry out.

Given the potential these plants create for damage and premature aging, there is no questioning the importance of how a roof is cleaned. The O’LYN Roof Cleaning & Treatment method takes all precautions to ensure a clean and damage-free roof, without any side effects (staining, discoloration) while inhibiting the regeneration of this plant growth. By using a people, plant & environmentally friendly formula and low-pressure systemO’LYN Roof Cleaning has had unparalleled success in keeping this plant growth at bay.

According to Mike St.PierreRoof System Specialist at O’LYN, “while the way we clean a roof is of paramount importance, the treatment is critical to defending against this plant growth as they try to reclaim their former homes.”.

Curb appeal is a term most home-owners know well when buying or selling a home. Many of Mike St.Pierre`s customers have been thrilled with the appearance of their roof after an O’LYN Roof Cleaning. If the roof has more than five years of life left, it is a smart decision to clean your roof for two reasons; First, by eliminating algae, moss and lichen, you help maximize the life of your roof, creating a significant potential cost savings. Second, home inspectors and prospective buyers are usually particularly vigilant when it comes to the inspection of a roof. Algae, moss and lichen-laden roofs can be a very obvious source of negative attention, giving buyers an effective bargaining chip to lower the potential selling price of your home.

Keep plant growth in your yard, and not on your roof. It makes for a much better roof and much happier neighbors, AND, it might save you a lot of money. And if you need to clean your roof, do it safely and effectively, the way it’s done at O’LYN.