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What You Should Know About Roof Replacement vs. Repair

Your roof is an important part of keeping your Norwood home dry and safe. When you’re having problems with your roof, how do you know if you should have it replaced or repaired? Taking certain factors into consideration can help you decide between roof replacement vs repair.

Condition of Your Roof

How old is your roof? If you have a newer roof, between 5 and 10 years old, you might need repairs only. Newer roofs are generally still in good condition unless they’ve had severe damage from storms or other incidents.

Also, as a roof ages, problems can develop that are larger in scope than a simple repair can solve. Repairs then become more expensive overall. For example, you might end up needing frequent repairs or more extensive repairs. In this case, a replacement might make more sense in terms of cost.

Roof Appearance

Another factor to consider is how your roof will look after repairs are made. An older roof might have faded shingles due to aging. UV ray exposure can also change the color of your shingles over time. This can make it harder to replace missing or damaged shingles with matching ones. Repairs could also look unsightly due to the mismatched shingles. This has a negative impact on the way your home looks overall. Having your roof replaced helps ensure it has a uniform appearance.

Location of Damage

Which part of your roof has been damaged? If you need shingles replaced in a part of your roof that doesn’t show much, you might be able to have repairs done instead of getting a total roof replacement. However, if you need new shingles in a more prominent part of your roof, you might want to consider having your roof replaced.

Work with Local Professional Roofers

Knowing if you should have repairs done or a roof replacement isn’t something to decide on your own. Local roofers can provide you with expertise to make sure you go with the option that makes more sense financially and practically. Our team at O’LYN Roofing has years of experience with roof replacements and repairs in the Norwood area.

If you need more help determining if you need a roof replacement vs repair at your Norwood home, please contact O’LYN Roofing today. Our expert roofing professionals can evaluate your roof and recommend repairs or a replacement as needed.