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How To Make A Roofing Emergency Action Plan

Emergency repairs are inevitable over the entire life of your roof. When leaks suddenly spring or other problems expose your home to the elements, do you have a plan to help you alleviate some of the stress which may happen?

Homeowners with emergency roofing plans can handle roofing emergencies quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, failure to establish a workable plan can delay critical repairs and result in further damage to your roof and jeopardize its integrity and the safety of your family. Here is how to make a roofing emergency action plan.

Before the Storm

Before storms come knocking, having regular roofing inspections and repairs can help keep your roof in the best shape possible. Roofs are exposed to the elements and debris throughout their lifetime. So, no sudden damage should be entirely unexpected. As a homeowner, anticipate and plan for these probable setbacks.

Regular inspections can help you identify minor issues and make the necessary repairs before storms arrive. Left unchecked, even small issues can gradually grow into major problems which will then compromise the integrity of the roof. This can make your roof -and home- susceptible to damage whenever storms sweep through your area.

If the inspection reveals any issues with your roof, have your roofing contractor make repairs. A good emergency action plan will allow you to deal with pressing issues first and defer costly repairs to a later date to allow for strategic budgeting.

Keep clear records of all the repair works done on the roof. Include photos, catalogs, and other important information to ensure your insurance and warranty coverage intact.

After the Storm

After the storm and once it is safe, visually inspect the roof from the ground. Look out for any noticeable damage. Do not go up the roof on your own. Instead, call your roofing contractor and your insurance provider to report the damage.

Keep such contact numbers handy so you don’t have to hunt them down in an emergency. Let your roofer professionally inspect the roof so if repairs will exceed your deductible you can begin the claim process. Finally, ensure the repairs are done promptly.

Importance of Working with a Local Roofer

Working with a local roofing contractor who is experienced with emergency roof repairs means less stress for you. Since they operate in your locality, they’ll be around long after your roof is completed. You can call them anytime with questions or when you need further roof work done. They also want to maintain their reputation in the locality, so they often offer better workmanship warranties.

When you establish a smart, flexible emergency action plan, you can empower yourself to make repairs promptly without interrupting your daily operations. At O’LYN Roofing in Norwood, MA, we have extensive experience and expertise to help you with taking great care of your roof. Contact us today to learn more about roofing emergency action plans or to schedule a free inspection.