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Spring Roof Clean Up Tips

Spring is here and that means it’s time to make sure that the exterior of your home is clean and damage-free. After a long winter of rough weather, there could be a lot of damage and leaf buildup on your roof and in your gutters. And you should inspect your home’s siding and exterior windows for damage as well. Here are some pro tips for regular spring maintenance that should be done every year in order to keep your home looking great and functioning the way it should:

Tree Limbs

If there are trees around your home there could be branches and debris that have blown up onto your roof. Or trees near the house could have been brushing on the roof during winter storms and rains. When branches are flung up onto the roof or rub too hard on the roof they can break shingles and cause other damage. It’s important to clear off any limbs or branches that have become lodged on the roof and to make sure that the tree tops near the house haven’t damaged the roof.


Branches aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to having trees near the roof. Dead leaves are often found in piles on the roof after autumn and winter winds have deposited them up there. Leaving leaves up there can trap moisture and cause it to seep down into the roof. Piles of leaves can also put a lot of weight on the roof. And standing piles of leaves can become nests for insects and rodents that can eventually damage the roof. Those leaves should be removed and the roof should be checked for any evidence of critters.


Leaves can trap moisture, but moisture can also build up on the roof from rain, melting snow and other sources. It’s very important to check the flashing on the roof and make sure that it’s not damaged and that it’s functioning properly. Flashing is what keeps that moisture from getting into the structure of the home and keeps rain and water from damaging the roof. Flashing is pretty sturdy, but it needs to be checked at least one a year.

Mold And Algae

If you have noticed small green or gray streaks running across your roof you have algae growing on the roof. It’s a very common problem, especially in climates that have lots of snow and rain during the winter but lots of sun and heat during the spring and summer. Mold and algae needs to be scrubbed from the room with a detergent designed to get rid of it fast. But it’s important that this work get done before it gets too hot and humid. Otherwise the moisture in the detergent will evaporate because all the mold and algae has been killed.

Damaged Shingles

There’s a good chance that some of the shingles on the roof have become damaged throughout the winter. Those shingles need to be replaced or fixed promptly to make sure that the roof stays in good shape.


Performing routine maintenance on your roof is necessary to keep your home protected and your roof in good shape. But, if you have a multiple story home or if you aren’t comfortable being on tall ladders it can be dangerous for homeowners to do this work themselves.

A roofing professional from Company X has the training and experience to assess your roof and check for damage that you may not know how to spot. Company X also has a team of professionals who can do routine spring roof maintenance for you so that you know the job is done right and so that you can stay safely on the ground.