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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing A New Roof

There is a lot involved in purchasing a new roof. A new roof should not be an impulse decision; rather, buying one is a valuable and important process that you should be prepared for. A new roof is an investment for your home that will last for years to come. Here are some common mistakes people make when considering the purchase of a new roof.

Cutting corners:  When investing in a new roof, it is crucial that you do not cut corners. You should not skimp or look for the cheapest quote when buying a new roof. A quality roof will last you for many years and will always pay off in the end. Remember, “You will get what you pay for.” If you choose a cheaper roof, the chance that you will have problems increases.

Hiring the wrong roofing company: It is good practice to consider more than one roofing company. However, you should hesitate to hire a roofer who is anxious to start the project right away. Ask, why they are so available? The best roofers are always in demand and often have several weeks scheduled before they can begin work on your home or business. Research roofing companies and examine their experience records. We also strongly recommend that you research through the Better Business Bureau. O’LYN Roofing is proud to be an A+ rated company with the BBB. We are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. And, we have been creating the best roofing systems for 43 years!

Lengthy warranty: If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Be cautious of lengthy warranties from unrated roofers. A long warranty is great, but if the company or roofer is nowhere to be found, the warranty will do you no good. 83% of roofing company complaints with the BBB are from customers who chose the lowest bid!

Quotes via E-Mail: In our busy lives, we often want the fastest and easiest process for all of our projects. At O’LYN we are often asked for a quote via e-mail. It is our experience that it is inappropriate for both our customers and us to do so. On our first visit to your home we listen to your concerns and problems. We also inspect your roof, take photos and take careful measurements. This is done so that we can design the best roof and/or gutter system for your home.

We then return to the office to design your roof system and uncover any questions or concerns we need to discuss with you further. As a homeowner, you will have questions for us regarding many issues, including but not limited to:  how did we arrive at our quote, timing, length of the job, specific materials, warranty, etc. All of those need to be addressed face to face in a conversation. That is why we ask for a follow-up meeting rather than sending an e-mail with nothing but a price. We NEVER pressure our prospective customers to sign with us but rather, we meet to develop a rapport and do our best to create a solution for the problems you are experiencing.

DIY:  We cannot stress how important it is to leave your roofing needs to a professional roofing company like O’LYN. Doing it yourself is no substitute. When you do the work yourself, you take a huge risk; there is no roofing insurance and your workmanship is not covered under a warranty. If further repairs are needed, it comes out of your pocket.

If you are considering purchasing a new roof, please contact me at Danm@O’ We have over 43 years of roofing experience in Massachusetts and know which roof is best for homes in your area. Learn how you can get a free quote by calling me at 774-517-7320.

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