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The Many Reasons Why Slate Roofing Has a Competitive Edge

The Many Reasons Why Slate Roofing Has a Competitive Edge

If the time has come to replace your roof, you have probably considered shingles. Maybe you’ve looked into standing seam metal roofs, and perhaps concrete tile as well. But have you considered slate roofing? Slate became a little less popular when affordable asphalt shingles became the norm. Indeed, slate roofs do cost more than shingle roofs. However, slate roofing is still a very viable and beneficial roofing choice, and many homeowners feel it’s well worth the initial investment.

Slate is not just a roofing option. It’s a valiant competitor that deserves more attention in the roofing world. Here are some of the top ways in which slate outshines other roofing materials.

An Incredibly Long Lifespan

People often favor metal roofing over standard, 3-tab shingles because metal has a longer lifespan. But the lifespan of a metal roof has nothing on that of a slate roof! A slate roof can last 100 years, and often even longer with good care. This is truly a roof you can install once and barely think about again. Leave the next roof replacement to a future generation.


Eco-friendly building is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It’s important to minimize environmental damage whenever possible. Many roofing materials are made with petroleum products and result in some pollution due to the manufacturing process. Slate, on the other hand, is just slabs of stone. Yes, some energy is used when the stone is quarried and cut, but that’s still a simple process compared to the processes used to make other roofing materials.

Slate roofing also creates very little waste. If some pieces of slate break, they can simply be returned to the earth. They’re just stone. By choosing slate roofing, you’re doing your part to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills.

Fire Resistance

On occasion, a house fire will break out, and it will then spread to nearby homes via the roofs. Sometimes a tree even catches fire, drops on another roof, and spreads the fire. While you can never prevent 100% of house fires, you can reduce your risk. Choosing a fire-resistant roof is one way to do that. Slate roofing simply won’t burn. It’s made from stone, after all. While there are fire-resistant shingles and metal roofing materials, slate is next-level when it comes to fire resistance.

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is good for your budget, and it is also good for the planet. You want an energy-efficient roof that resists heat transfer. This will keep heating bills lower in the winter and cooling bills lower in the summer.

Slate roofs are good insulators and will help reduce heat transfer through the roof. Many homeowners notice their energy bills go down after having a slate roof installed. You may also notice that the top floor of your home stays more comfortable.

Moisture-Proof and Insect-Proof

Roofs get wet. A good roof, however, does not let moisture penetrate. If moisture does penetrate a porous roof material, it won’t be long before you end up with rot. And rotten wood is a key attractant for insects such as termites and carpenter ants.

Slate roofs are essentially moisture-proof. Water runs right off the stones. While a cracked piece of slate can let a tiny bit of water in, it’s easy to replace before the problem becomes too extensive. Since you don’t have to worry about rot with a slate roof, you can also set aside any concerns about termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-chewing insects.

Stunning Aesthetic

You just can’t beat the look of a slate roof. On some historic homes, such as those built in the Victorian or Georgian Revival style, nothing else really looks as suitable as a slate roof. It’s the perfect, historically accurate feature to include in your design.

Admiring your stunning, historically accurate home is enjoyable, but there are also other reasons to maintain your home’s aesthetic with a slate roof. Doing so can increase your home value. Should you choose to sell, you can probably recoup a good portion of the cost of your slate roof when you do so. You may end up with more interested buyers and higher offers simply because people love the looks and longevity of a slate roof.

If the time has come to replace your roof, make sure you consider using slate. This stunning, natural roof material is making a comeback, and homeowners are loving it. If you’re looking for a roofing company to install your slate roof, contact O’Lyn Roofing in Norwood, MA. We have a lot of experience installing slate in the New England climate, and we can recommend the materials and designs best suited to your home and preferences.