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What to Expect From Your Roof When the Temperature Drops

With cooler weather comes lower temperatures, and this change has its own unique impact on roofs just as the warmer temperatures. A significant decrease in temperature that results in frost, ice and snow can impact the roofing material.

There are a number of changes that occur to your roof, and a different set of concerns emerges when the colder temperatures arrive. It can lead to structural damage, leakage and poor drainage. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your roof when the temperature decreases.

Thermal Shock

An extreme change in temperature can cause thermal shock, a condition that occurs when a drastic temperature change happens within a 24 to 36-hour time frame. The result of extreme temperature change can be the rapid expansion and contraction of the roof’s membrane. This, in turn, may cause a tear in the roof’s seams, flashing joints and attachment points.

Sudden Leaking

The winter season brings snow and ice that can accumulate on the roof. Winter freeze can cause leaks to cease temporarily because the ice can act as a sealant. However, as soon as the temperature increases, the ice will start to melt, and sudden, heavy leaking from a roof rapidly inundated with moisture can occur. If punctures have occurred from thermal shock, it will likely go unnoticed until the heavy leaking happens.

Ice Damming

Shingles roofs, in particular, can experience ice damming. This problem occurs when one segment of the roof freezes and the roof edge is lower than 32 degrees; this usually results from the concentration of heat from the internal structure in the middle, which leaves the roof edge much colder. An ice dam is created when the melting water flows toward the roof edge where it cools and freezes, preventing drainage of the roof. The dam can expand to the point where it pushes into the building, melts and create a roof leak.

Temperature changes can impact your roof in different ways, and the cold temperatures create their challenges. It’s important to check your roof for leaks before and after the cold season to ensure that you minimize damage to your roof.

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