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Why Azek Trim and Moulding May Be Best for Your Victorian Home

If you have a Victorian home, at some point you will need to repair or replace the exterior wood details (such as trim, mouldings and gutters) which can rot over time. Unfortunately, finding good replacement wood is not as easy as it used to be. Due to decades of over foresting, the hard, dense wood that was used 100+ years ago, to create these beautiful Victorians is generally gone. The wood that is available now is softer and more porous meaning that it soaks up moisture and rots very quickly. While wood trim used to last for a century or more, now often lasts only 10-15 years.

What’s a homeowner to do? Instead of having to replace your exterior wood details every 10-15 years, consider using Azek and mouldings. Azek is a wood alternative that looks just like real wood, but lasts indefinitely without expensive upkeep. It is quickly becoming the standard for historic homes in Cape Cod and throughout New England for homeowners who want to retain the vintage look of their home with something more permanent than wood.

If you have questions about whether Azek is right for your home, give us a call. We’re happy to provide more information.