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graphic with the quote 5 Reasons Why Residential Roof Maintenance Is Important

5 Reasons Why Residential Roof Maintenance Is Important

Once you buy a home (whether newly built or new-to-you), you understand why roof maintenance is essential. Nothing puts a damper on festive occasions, holidays, or family gatherings like a roof leak. Nothing ruins an upcoming vacation quite like shelling out for unexpected roof repairs. Check out these five reasons residential roof maintenance is essential.

1. Long Life

You can extend the life of your roof through annual inspection and maintenance. Typically, a shingle roof may last 20 years (perhaps less with New England’s harsh winters). Want more roof for your money?

With the small annual roof maintenance cost, you could tack on two, five, or even 10 years of useful life.

2. Wicked Huge Savings

Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily. Paying for a new roof before its time is a wicked huge mistake. Saving on the new roof through annual maintenance can bring you wicked huge savings.

Every year you push back a new roof, you reap your investment in your old roof. A good roof maintenance plan may cost you a little every year, but it provides a great return on investment (ROI).

3. Hold On

You can hold onto the benefits and real financial advantage of your roof’s warranty by demonstrating due diligence through a roof maintenance plan. Most warranties only provide full protection if you can prove you took care of the roof over its years in service.

4. Home Value

You maintain the value of your Norwood-area home when you invest a tiny amount in annual roof maintenance. Rather than watch your home’s curb appeal and resale value plummet, you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are protected by a roof that will return much of your investment in it.

5. Power

A poorly maintained residential roof is a money pit. You lose money if you do not keep it adequately maintained, have insulation checked, confirm proper ventilation, and separate it from your indoor air.

A roof should sit atop a Norwood attic that matches outdoor air as much as possible. Insulation on the attic floor keeps expensively treated indoor air in your home. A good roof keeps water from infiltrating and destroying the insulation.

Homes in the Norwood, Massachusetts area can be protected by the highly trained, skilled technicians of O’LYN Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about our complete range of roofing services, including annual maintenance.