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The O’LYN Roofing Gutter Shutter is completely enclosed and protected. The special patented design forces rainwater to flow over and around the nose of the gutter by creating surface tension. The design eliminates the need to clean your gutters and protects your fascia with an exclusive high back system.

The Gutter Shutter is strategically designed to protect the integrity of your gutters.

  • All components are customizable and aesthetically pleasing. Choose from many different colors to match your house.
  • 100% guaranteed to remain clog and debris free. In New England this means no more leaves in your gutters.
  • Attaches to the fascia.
  • Patented Gutter Stud keeps the Gutter Shutter from pulling away from your house.
  • Built with premium grade aluminum, ensuring Gutter Shutter is the strongest gutter on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How strong and durable is the Gutter Shutter?

The Gutter Shutter is made with the strongest aluminum used for residential application. Leaning a ladder against the Gutter Shutter for instance would not a problem. Do a simple Google search for

gutter shutter and you’ll find a few amusing pictures of people hanging off of their gutters.

Where does the Gutter Shutter attach?

The Gutter Shutter attaches to the fascia using a special Gutter Stud. These nylon studs are fastened by two 3” galvanized screws. There are no nails or rivets, and the screws are spaced every 24” on the fascia board in a vertical fashion to ensure permanent attachment to your home.

What if I eventually have to replace my roof?

Since the Gutter Shutter attaches directly to the fascia, there is no interference with your roof.

In heavy rain, will water just spill over my Gutter Shutter system?

No, the Gutter Shutter is designed and field tested to handle even the heaviest of rainfalls. The hood of the Gutter Shutter acts as a flow reducer slowing water coming off your roof. Even during heavy rain, surface tension keeps the water flowing into the gutter.

Why is the Gutter Shutter superior to a “covered” gutter?

A covered gutter may be relatively effective at keeping out leaves and other debris, however there are many serious flaws. For one, the top and bottom are one piece. If either piece is damaged, both the bottom and top component must be replaced. Second, the attached gutter cover makes it very difficult to clean and service the gutter. In contrast, the Gutter Shutter uses a two-piece gutter technology. This allows the gutter to be serviced with ease since the top is a separate piece. Last, a traditional gutter system may be vulnerable to high winds. The Gutter Shutter hood is secured to the bracket and trough providing extra protection against winds.

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