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Ice Damaged Gutter Solutions in Needham, MA

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Ice Damaged Gutter Solutions in Needham, MA

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Neil Ram had significant water damage due to ice dams that formed during the winter of 2015, aptly named “Snowmageddon.” Neil wanted to upgrade his gutters and have an O’LYN Ice Melt System installed over his side porch to prevent future problems. He also wanted to address the water dripping from the flashing of his old gutters. All issues were addressed, but Neil’s insurance
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  • Ice dams
  • Water dripping from the flashing
  • Damaged gutters

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O’LYN’s Approach

There were two main reasons Neil chose O’LYN. He explained, “O’LYN Roofing has a great reputation, and you get what you pay for.” Neil wanted quality at a fair price, so he went with O’LYN. “Secondly, the O’LYN representative, Mike St. Pierre, a Senior Diagnostic Specialist, was experienced working with insurance companies. Mike told me that some of my work should be covered by my homeowner’s policy. Mike was integral to the process of speaking with my insurance company about my coverage and was successful in getting them to cover a significant amount of the work.”

“All around, I had a great experience with O’LYN Roofing.” – Neil Ram

O’LYN’s Solution

O’LYN Roofing completed plenty of work for Neil. The O’LYN Production Team redid the roofing above the left side entryway, which called for some flashback work and the removal of three courses of siding. The right rear gutter work was completed, and gutter screens were installed around the entire house. Mike St. Pierre recommended six inch gutters instead of the normal five inches, which made a significant difference, especially on the backside of Neil’s home.

In the end, it was a success. Neil was happy with all of the work Mike St. Pierre and the O’LYN Production Team had done to improve the performance and longevity of his roof and home.

“O’LYN was professional, reliable, and responsible from day one until job completion. They did what they said they would do promptly and thoroughly. Quality, dependability, and responsiveness are three important characteristics O’LYN Roofing has. These are important features that make a homeowner’s life worry-free. I wish all the contractors I hire were as dependable and had the performance and workmanship O’LYN has. It has snowed and rained several times since O’LYN completed their work, and the gutters and roofing system are performing as designed. O’LYN got it right the first time.”
–Neil Ram

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