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Ice Dams and Hail Storms, Framingham, MA

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Ice Dams and Hail Storms, Framingham, MA

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After the winter of 2015, Helene Sotsky of Framingham, MA was in dire need of a new roof. Multiple hailstorms had gouged her shingles, and ice dams had formed all around the roof. Someone initially tried to manually break up the ice dams, which damaged the shingles even further. Helene’s roof was in bad shape, so this time she turned to the experts for help.

O’LYN’s Approach

Helene had been a previous customer of O’LYN Roofing. A few years ago, O’LYN Roof Cleaning treated algae on her roof that was creating black streaks. O’LYN Roof Cleaning used eco-friendly chemicals and an advanced mobile roof cleaning machine to restore the roof’s beauty and extend its longevity. O’LYN thoroughly cleaned Helene’s roof and installed zinc strips to prevent further streaking. “The project was very professionally handled,” said Helene. She was so pleased with her experience that she recommended O’LYN to her daughter and son-in-law when they needed their entire roof replaced.

O’LYN’s Solution

Helene reached out to O’LYN with her current issues, and Mike St. Pierre, our Senior Diagnostic Specialist, worked with her to outline the next steps. She was grateful for AN O’LYN

Mike St. Pierre’s knowledge and help with the project, and was once again very pleased with her experience with O’LYN.

“Mike St. Pierre is knowledgeable and professional. You feel that you can trust his judgment and suggestions, and that he will work with you to come up with a fair price. He can explain the benefits and advantages of one type of shingle over another so that you can make an educated decision.” -HS

Helene decided to have O’LYN install an Ice Melt System to prevent ice dams when they re-shingled the roof. The following winter, Helene didn’t have any of the costly and dangerous issues she had the previous year, largely due to the new Ice Melt System.

“We did a removal of the old roof and installation of a new one— efficient, looks good, and no mess!” -HS

Great products and great workmanship were the two main points that Helene noticed throughout the entire project. Helene stated that she knows O’LYN Roofing is a local company who will be there if there are any questions or issues that come up in the future.

“I trust O’LYN to be there for all of my roofing needs.” -HS

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