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Roof Ice Melt Services in Greater Boston & MetroWest

Prevent Ice Dams with a Quality Roof De-Icing System in Massachusetts

A roof showing a de-icing system.

Ice dams are notorious in the winter for ruining roofs. Formed at the edge of roofs, they prevent water from sliding off the roof, causing clogged cutters, accumulated ice, and roof leaks. If left unchecked, these ice dams can lead to partial or even full cave-ins, as well as dangerous debris falling from your roof, and in the worse of cases, can even cause your gutters to detach and collapse. These are damages that are usually rather expensive to fix.

A roof de-icing system from O’Lyn could solve your problem. Our ice melting services will prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and causing leaks and damage to the shingles. If you want to take preventative measures and protect your roof all winter long with a roof deicing system, call us today at 1-855-280-6691 or click below to get a free estimate.

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are when heat from certain areas of your home warms part of the ice on your roof, causing it to roll down onto a cooler surface before freezing again. This accumulates over time, creating a dam formation that prevents water to be held back from running off the roof. Eventually, water will be forced back under the shingles, where, through moisture and changes in temperature, it causes damage to the shingles, exposure of the layering underneath, and eventually leading to leaks.

Diagram of ice and snow building up on a roof and what happens if left untreated.

Roof De-Icing Prevents Ice Dams from Forming on Your Roof

O’LYN’s de-icing system is the ultimate solution for combating and preventing ice dams. There are two main types of roof de-icing systems:

  • Roof De-Icing cables:  De-icing cables are a common solution that is easily installed on your roof. Generally seen in a wave pattern, these cables are simply secured to the roof just above the gutters. These cables then run a current that heats the surface area it is in, preventing the water and snow from freezing, and ensuring that run-off remains constant.
  • Radiant Edge Systems:  Radiant edge systems are installed at the end of the roof and run along the entire edge of the roof. They work by melting the snow at the edge of the roof, ensuring that water flowing down the roof stays melted as it passes through the gutters, preventing freezing from the top of the roof all the way down to the drainage system at the bottom. These systems provide a cleaner appearance than cables by being installed along the sides of the roof as opposed to across the front.

Protect your Roof from Ice Dams Today

A home in winter covered in show with ice hanging from the roof.

When it comes to something as important as your roof, it’s not worth it to take any chances on a snowy winter damaging it. Taking the preventative measure of installing a quality roof de-icing system from O’LYN Roofing will ensure you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof and gutters won’t be affected by ice dams.

We offer free estimates on all our services, so call us today at 1-855-280-6691 to get started! We proudly serve in Quincy, Waltham, Cambridge, Arlington, Boston, Framingham, Newton, Brockton, Somerville, Weston, Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury and throughout the surrounding areas.

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