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The Challenge

Leaky roofs are never fun, but leaky roofs during the holiday season create a whole new level of chaos. That’s the situation Christian and Karen were faced with recently. A persistent leak kept appearing in the back left corner of their home. It certainly wasn’t fun, it certainly created chaos and they certainly needed the problem taken care of.

The Meeting

Dan McGrath, Roof Systems Specialist at O’LYN Roofing, met with the couple the next day. “I did a full inspection,” Dan recalls. “Roof, attic, adjoining walls, even some other potential areas – leaks can travel.” Dan ultimately found a handful of issues including exposed nails, damage from prior ice removal and some general weathering in certain spots. Dan’s suggestion was to replace the back section of the roof, being careful to add extra ice and water shield. However, Christian thought the problem was an adjacent gutter. So what to do?


  • Water leaks
  • Exposed nails
  • Cracked shingles
  • Improperly pitched gutters
  • Holiday chaos

The Solution

“I’m a minimalist,” said Dan. “So if the customer has an opinion and that opinion is sound, I have to consider it, especially when it’s the less expensive option.” All agreed to address the gutter first. O’LYN replaced it, pitched it correctly and used a larger downspout to accommodate the water volume in that area of the roof. All seemed well. Then the leak reappeared.

“I went back to see Christian and Karen and we agreed to go with Plan B – replace the back roof,” explained Dan.

The solution worked. And the homeowners love their new roof.
“I brought some holiday cheer with me,” said Dan. “Season’s greetings!”

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