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Slate Roofing Solutions In Boston & Metrowest

Boost your home’s curb appeal and durability with a slate roof!

When it comes to different roof types, there are none more durable and strong than slate roofing. Slate has been a popular roofing material for decades because of its amazing longevity and strength, making it a very trustworthy roofing option.

Our expert team of roofers are trained to install slate roofing onto your home! There are a variety of reasons that homeowners choose slate roofing for their homes. Not only can slate provide a wonderful, rustic aesthetic to your home, its extreme durability and weather resistance mean that it will last against anything a New England can throw at it while increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Looking for more information about slate roofing? Take a look below to learn about the benefits that slate roofing can offer for your home today! Reach out to our team today to learn our slate roofing services in Boston and the MetroWest!

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Benefits of slate roofing

  • Aesthetic Appeal: If you are interested in installing a roofing material that looks fantastic and will help increase your home’s curb appeal, slate roofing is a wonderful option that will help you home stand out on your street!
  • Unmatched Strength & Durability: Slate roofing is the most durable roofing material on the market.  It is resistant to moisture, rot, fire, pests, extreme weather, and more, meaning that when it comes to a durable roofing material, slate roofing leads the pack.
  • Low Maintenance: Slate roofing needs little maintenance once installed.  It cannot lose granules or grow mold and algae like an asphalt shingle roof, meaning the only maintenance you will likely need to do is replacing any shingles that occasionally fail.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Unlike asphalt shingles, slate is a natural product that simply needs to mined, not manufactured. Slate roofing requires no fossil fuels to manufacture, and is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan.
  • Long-lasting: While asphalt shingles tend to last a few decades at the most, slate roofs can last well over 100 years if properly maintained. In fact, slate has been known to last multiple centuries, meaning it is more likely that your roof deck will fail than your shingles.
O'lyn Roofing crew on top of a home installing a slate roof.
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