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Best Season to Replace Your Roof

If you’re in need of a roof replacement, you may be curious which season is best to have it replaced.  Is it in the middle of the summer, when the days are long and warm? Or maybe during the winter when contractors don’t have projects backed up for months? If you are interested in learning which season is the best for replacing your roof, take a look at our blog!


While winter is obviously the slowest season for most contractors, it is generally not the best season to have your roof replaced.  Particularly in snowy climates like Massachusetts, replacing a roof during the winter can be an exceedingly difficult task.  There are a few reasons you shouldn’t consider a winter roof replacement.  The first is that the snow, ice, and sleet will simply get in the way and make it hard to install the new roofing material.  However, even if there isn’t snow and ice in the way, the frigid temperatures can make it difficult for the sealants to set properly. While it’s not impossible for a roof to be replaced in the winter, it’s better to leave winter for emergency repairs.


Spring and early summer tend to be good options if you need to replace your roof.  Typically, the weather has warmed up enough to allow the adhesives to easily seal. Furthermore, contractors tend hit their busiest season from roughly May-September, so if you’re able to book your appointment on the early side of spring, you may be able to have your work completed quickly.  However, make sure you don’t wait too long, as by the end of the summer, temperatures and humidity are soaring, which tends to slow down the installation of the shingles like the cold does, making it a longer project.


The best season to replace your roof will always be the fall.  Not only are temperatures mild enough to not have to worry about the adhesives ability to seal the shingles to your roof, but contractors busy season is also typically over, meaning it’s easier to schedule your roofing work, and the contractors will be able to complete the work faster. Shingle roofs in particular depend heavily on the weather in order to have a smooth installation process, and Autumn provides the perfect weather for that to happen.

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