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How to Guide to Clean Roof Shingles; Can Roof Shingles be Pressure Washed? Image of worker on top of blue house pressure washing shingles.

How to Guide to Clean Roof Shingles; Can Roof Shingles be Pressure Washed?

Is your shingle roof stained with dark streaks? Are there any fuzzy areas on it? These are sure signs that your roof needs cleaning. Roof cleaning can enhance your home’s curb appeal, improve its energy efficiency, and extend the life of your shingles. So is this a viable option for your home?

This brings two important questions homeowners ask: What is the best way to clean a shingle roof? Can roof shingles be pressure washed? We answer these questions below.

Let’s Start With the Culprits: Moss and Algae

The staining on your roof is not due to mold or mildew. The black streaks are caused by blue-green algae colonies, which start as tiny spots that develop into large streaks on the roof. The thick, green patches on your roof are moss.

Algae and moss spores reach the roof through a combination of wind and birds. Moisture, humidity, and shade create an ideal habitat for the growth of the organisms.

Today’s roof shingles contain ingredients that provide food to algae and moss, so they’re not just surviving, they’re also thriving. These organisms eat away at the organic components of your roofing system and turn it into a live fungus garden.

While algae are more of an aesthetic annoyance, moss can cause significant damage to your roof. They cause the edge of the shingles to curl or lift up, making them susceptible to being blown off in strong winds. Moisture can also access the wooden parts of your roof system when there’s excessive moss growth. 

As a homeowner, you need to take a proactive approach to maintain one of your largest investments by regularly cleaning your roof. One of the ways to prevent this from happening is the installation of zinc strips at the top of the roof. As the rain runs down the zinc kills algae, moss, and lichen. It’s a very effective tool to help prevent staining. Let our team know if you’re interested in this service.

Pressure Washing Roof Shingles: Should You Do It?

Pressure washers are great. They can come in handy when it’s time to clean your driveway, patio, or walkway. When your roof shingles need to be cleaned, you may be tempted to use your pressure washer to get the job done. Simply put, they are too powerful for shingles and can do more harm than good. O’LYN Roofing does not use a traditional pressure washer. We use low-pressure soft washers and equipment that are specifically designed for cleaning roofs.

Here’s Why You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned:

  1. Great for Appraisal Value

Around 50% of homeowners replace their roofs to increase curb appeal. Did you know that you can increase the Appraisal value of your house simply by cleaning the roof? This service is much more affordable than people think and can really add to the value of your house!

  1. Revention of Structural Damage

When left untreated, algae, lichen, and bacteria feed off the organic materials and shingles. Over time, it will erode the layers and cause small cracks or gaps in your shingles. This will lead to leaks into your attic and the interior of your home. This will cause extensive water damage and ultimately shorten your roof’s lifespan.

  1. Losing the Energy Savings

The shingles on your roof are designed to reflect sunlight and that gives you energy savings. However, when you have a layer of moss and algae there it makes them ineffective. This causes you to lose the energy savings that clean shingles provide. 

  1. Cost Less Than Roof Replacement

Roof cleaning is much more affordable than replacing a roof. It’s a great option we provide to our customers as an alternative to a total roof replacement! Our low-pressure wash is environmentally safe and is not harmful to plants or pets.

How O’LYN Cleans Roof Shingles

Our trained technicians use professional-grade equipment and cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning roofs to take care of all your cleaning needs. We have years of experience using a low-pressure washer that is environmentally safe. This will ensure that shingles are not damaged during the cleaning process. We safely clean your roof with an environmentally-friendly Roof Clean that won’t hurt your kids, pets, or plants.

Contact O’LYN Roofing for a Free Estimate

If you’d like to have your roof shingles cleaned, contact O’LYN Roofing in Norwood. Our highly trained technicians use professional-grade cleaners and low-pressure soft wash treatment to restore your shingles to good health without causing any damage. When we are finished washing your shingles, it will look like a brand new roof!