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What Happens If You Ignore A Leaky Roof & Who To Hire

Storm damage, high winds, or heavy rains can expose vulnerabilities in your roof’s integrity. It’s important to address these problems sooner rather than later for a wide variety of reasons.

Letting a roof leak continue can cause serious damage to your roof which can easily cause a domino effect which impacts the rest of your house. Some roof leaks can go on for quite some time before they’re noticed. When you notice signs of leaks from the roof like water collecting in small pools on the ceiling or bubbling paint in the drywall, it’s probably time to consider professional roof leak repair. Take a few moments to review some of the consequences of ignoring a leaky roof and who you should contact when these problems occur.

Long-Term Damage from Unresolved Roof Leaks

Water leaks will wreak havoc on your home’s insulation, underlayment, and roof deck. Inside, corrosion to braces, screws, and other components will undermine the integrity of your roof’s support structure. Water leaks will also accelerate wood rot in trusses and rafters. Additionally, a hole in your roof will provide a point of entry for pests to find their way inside. These problems will continue to gain momentum and spread until roof repair or replacement is completed.

Potential for Mold Growth

Mold needs moisture to sustain itself and in the already humid environment of your attic, a roof leak is often the only thing needed to cause mold to grow. Some forms of mold are especially dangerous and mold spores can easily spread through air ducts in your home. The presence of mold spores can aggravate conditions like allergies or asthma, potentially impacting the health of loved ones and household pets. Those with preexisting health conditions are especially at risk. Toxic mold or “black mold” can severely impact health by releasing mycotoxins into the air. These mycotoxins have been linked to a variety of serious health problems like liver damage, memory loss, and even cancer.

Leaks Will Reduce the Life-Span of your Roof

Even the smallest leak can drastically decrease the expected life-span of your roof. Over time, the damage caused by water leaks could become so extensive a major roof repair or complete replacement will be needed. By getting ahead of the problem the moment it starts, you could potentially be saving yourself a lot of money down the road.

The Importance of Investing in Professional Roof Repair

There are a lot of reasons to have a trusted local roofing expert handle repairs. It is never recommended to get on your roof. Experienced roofers will be able to safely inspect the full extent of the damage and how to best approach repairing the roof leak. They will also provide an accurate cost estimate for the repair. Here are a few key reasons to always trust in expects to repair your leaky roof:

Home Insurance

Bonded, licensed, and insured roof repair specialists will work with your home insurance company to coordinate the repair. This also protects your home against future roof leaks caused by heavy rain or storms. For instance, home insurance providers may try to argue a pre-existing roof repair done by yourself was the cause of a current leak. This issue could be alleviated by investing in professional roofing services to ensure the repair was completed properly in accordance with your home insurance policy.

Warranties and Maintenance

Professional roofing companies stand behind their work with manufacturer guarantees on the shingles but also a warranty for the roof installation. This will keep you protected in case your roof is damaged in the future. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of any ongoing roof maintenance plans offered. Your roofing company will be able to keep your roof drains clear of debris and will perform annual roof inspections to fulfill your home’s insurance policy requirements.

Safety and Efficiency

Repairing a leaking roof can be a very dangerous and time-consuming job. Professional roofers know how to get the job done safely, quickly, and without taking shortcuts. Drawing upon their experience and resources, roofing experts will be able to save you a lot of time and money on your roof repair. It’s never a good idea for a homeowner to attempt a repair on a roof, regardless of how light the damage may be. If you’ve seen indications of a roof leak in your Norwood home, call O’LYN Roofing today for immediate assistance. Over the course of 40 years, O’LYN Roofing has installed almost 20,000 new roofs on homes throughout New England. Rely on our team of seasoned roofing professionals to handle your roof leak so you can focus on more important matters. We are committed to providing outstanding service to our valued customers.