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O’LYN Contractors Making Its Third Appearance on the A&E Channel’s Flipping Boston

O’LYN partners with Owens Corning on A&E’s top-rated show Flipping Boston. A major focus of the show is on O’LYN Contractors’ efforts to recycle roofs into roads.

O’LYN Contractors wrapped up filming for it’s third appearance on A&E’s Flipping Boston last month, and this will surely be the best one yet. The producers focused on our efforts to divert 100% of our roof tear off from landfills, and highlighted the fact that almost everything that comes off of any construction site can be reused or recycled.

Each episode of Flipping Boston features a new property that the team must renovate and flip, each with its own challenges. In this episode, host Peter Souhleris’ wife Desi, who runs the Christian Angel Smile Foundation, speaks with O’LYN Contractors marketing director Mark Negron about shingle recycling. She finds out that all the asphalt shingles that are removed from this roof will be shredded, turned into hot mix asphalt, and used to pave New England roads, parking lots and driveways. She is also surprised to learn that as Mark informs her “nearly 100% of all construction debris can be recycled or reused.”.

The 1850 home on Munroe Street in historic Newburyport had some roofing-specific challenges, including a chimney penetration that was removed, a large low pitch area that needed a new rubber roof, and in general, a very cut up and pieced together patchwork of a roof deck. This meant a lot of extra work and experienced skill was needed in order to get a solid roof over this home.

Previous episodes “A Family Affair” on Clovelly Street in Lynn and the Halloween project on East Collins Street in Salem “The Salem Flip Trials”.

O’LYN Contractors is celebrating a March 2013 roofing project in Waltham at 4.939 tons, which has put them over the 200 ton mark for roofing material recycled for the very first time. This is a huge milestone for O’LYN, who through their partnership with EL Harvey & Sons of Westboro, MA, has managed to divert from landfills and reuse or recycle a total of 246.03 tons of roof tear off as of this writing.

About O’LYN Contractors, Inc.
Founded in 1974, O’LYN Contractors, Inc. is a family-owned and operated roofing company serving the Boston Metro area of New England. O’LYN Contractors divisions include O’LYN Roofing, O’LYN Roof Cleaning, and O’LYNsulation, O’LYN Sunlight and O’LYN subsidiary The Gutter Shutter of Boston Metro. O’LYN Contractors has always been known for its “Quality Without Compromise” approach and has installed nearly 20,000 roofs throughout Eastern Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire. For more information, please visit

About Flipping Boston
In Flipping Boston, time is the enemy as flippers race to renovate before prices fall even further. Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour gamble on a strategy to give them an edge in a tough market – they design high end and they flip fast. There’s never a dull moment when Peter’s attention to detail gets in the way of Dave’s need for speed but the end result shows this duo is at the top of their game. The real question is, will there be a jackpot for them at the end of each flip?