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Break Through Solar Technology for the Roofing Industry!
April 9, 2013
Please Help our fellow Roofers, The Norden Brothers, deal with the aftermath and rehabilitation from this years Tragic Boston Marathon Bombing.
April 22, 2013

ENERGY STAR® Rated Shingles That Qualify For the 2013 Federal Tax Credit

People ask me all the time about ENERGY STAR® rated shingles. I have found few people aware of the fact that there are significant incentives for installing a more energy-efficient shingle on their roof. ENERGY STAR® rated shingles reflect more UV rays and keep your roof deck cooler, reducing energy consumption and making your roof more efficient. You can find more information about how to maintain a Cool Roof on the Ventilation and Attic Insulation pages of our website.

Manufacturers Owens Corning (Owens Corning ENERGY STAR® Brochure pdf, 1.3MB) and CertainTeed ([PDF] Energy Star® Rated Products Brochure – CertainTeed) both have lines of ENERGY STAR® rated shingles.

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